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Diesel Exhaust

Bulk Fuel Sales
11472 Cude Cemetary
Willis, Texas 77318

Sales-Jeff Petrilla
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Sun Coast Resources
6922 Cavalcade
Houston, TX 77028

24 HOUR EMERGENCY Diesel Refueling Stations.

  • Onsite 24 Hour Fueling Service.
  • Trucks with delivery capacity ranging from 50 gallons to 8500 gallons.
  • We refuel generators,  motor homes, ambulances,  passenger vehicles, boats, barges, reefer trailers, trucks, buses, construction  equipment, military equipment, helicopters, etc.
  • Professional & Experienced uniformed operators.
  • Fuel storage tanks ranging in size from 250 gallon to 20,000 gallon.
  • 4 hour fire rated tanks.
  • Fuel dispensing equipment.
  • Generator and light tower sales or rental.
  • Lubricants, greases and industrial supplies.

Serving the South, Southwest, Southeast including Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,
 Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia & Home State Texas.

Double Wall Tanks
Overhead Fuel Tanks
Skid Fuel Tanks

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