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Bulk Fuel Sales.com


U.S Coast Guard Approved Fueling

Deliveries From 50 - 8,500 Gal. Per Load. Disaster & Other Emergency Fuel Service

Serving the South, Southwest, Southeast including  Arkansas, Florida,
Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi,
 Missouri, New Mexico,
Oklahoma & Home State Texas.


Diesel Exhaust

Bulk Fuel Sales
11472 Cude Cemetary
Willis, Texas 77318

Sales-Jeff Petrilla
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Sun Coast Resources
6922 Cavalcade
Houston, TX 77028

The fleet fueling program is an invaluable service to customers who do not have fuel tanks near their equipment or on their property.

Benefits Of Fleet Fueling

  • 24/7/365 Fueling
  • Fuel Availability In Emergency Situations
  • Customize Service To Meet Your Needs
  • Cuts Miscellaneous Charges On Credit Cards.
  • Emergency Service...Hurricanes, Floods, etc.
  • May Eliminate Need For On-Site Storage.
  • Fuel Directly Into Your Equipment
  • On-Site Fueling
  • Schedule Service Any Time.
  • Companies Who Benefit

  • Companies Operating From Strip Centers
  • Companies Operating On Leased Property
  • Companies Trying To Consolidate Fuel Costs
  • Construction Sites
  • Generators
  • Refrigeration Units
  • Truck Fleets
  • Overnight Parking In One Central Location
  • When Space Is Limited On Property
  • Double Wall Tanks
    Overhead Fuel Tanks
    Skid Fuel Tanks

    Bulk Fuel Sales & Delivery - Fuel Tanks - Above Ground Fuel Tanks - Skid Mounted Fuel Tanks - Double Wall Fuel Tanks - Construction Site Fuel Storage Tanks - Fuel Tanks Delivered & Moved To Job Site!